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Hawaii JiuJitsu Brand has experienced tremendous growth since inception in January 2017. This is primarily due to the ongoing support from ALL OF YOU throughout our worldwide grappling community in believing and demonstrating how “Champions Champion!”

Just on Instagram alone, as of November 2017, we now have grown to over 2,500 followers! This is an achievement and with the continued support of purchases of our brand’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimonos and apparel, you have all made it known that BJJ is a global sport.

“We are Humbled and Thankful For Your Continued Support with Championing Others!”  

Jason Estrella, Founder/Owner


Hawaii’s Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) has evolved into a mordern martial art form, being embedded into the culture since being shared by the likes of none other than Grand Master, Relson Gracie over 20 years ago. With many other global BJJ originator’s influences and the ever growing number of local practitioners in the state of Hawai’i, the level of experience and knowledge base revolving around the Brazilian Martial Art, has grown exponentially. Let us not forget those persons who left Hawai’i, to learn more about the art by other world class instructors, only to positively influence the BJJ community upon their return, by demonstrating why Brazilian JiuJitsu truly benefits those who practice such martial art.
It is because of these originators, practitioners and the unlimited access of local resources provided, many Hawaii BJJ black belts and aspiring black belts of our island’s BJJ community have gained credible knowledge and skills.
Recognizing that Hawaii has some of the worlds best Brazilian jiu jitsu talent, knowledge, skill sets and passion for the martial arts is what inspired the beginning of



Amongst other influential BJJ Black Belts and Hawaii JiuJitsu’s Mission of “Champions Champion” the founder, AKA “The Beard,” invites you to join our #PathToABlackBelt Campaign by promoting your passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through our community support page, leaving comments on our Instagram @HawaiiJiuJitsu or by being becoming a Blog Agent with Hawaii JiuJitsu.
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